top 10 coffee shops

vancouver is like seattle in many ways… one of them is our love for great coffee. although it can be subjective, i like mine rich, deep and dark. the more crema you can see, the better. i’ve chosen my picks for best coffee shop based on atmosphere and quality of the coffee.

{i am always looking for new places to try and love. please contact me if you have a recommendation}.

cafe medina {coffee, waffles and full brunch. little sister to next door neighbour, chambar. artisan vibe. open weekdays at 8. height of delight: waffle and white chocolate pistachio rosewater sauce} $-$$

acme cafe {full diner style menu but go for the pie and coffee. cozy, hipster vibe. baking galore. great place for a rainy afternoon coffee date. height of delight: lemon meringue pie} $


1 thought on “top 10 coffee shops

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