delightful summer recipes

popsicle champagne

one of my favourite things about summer is the abundance of fresh and colourful food – i head to the farmers market every weekend in search of organic berries, tomatoes and the like. these are recipes i can’t wait to try this summer – how amazing would that watermelon frosty be on a hot summer day? nothing better i’d say! well, maybe i spoke too soon; how ridiculously cute is that popsicle champagne idea above? to find the recipe for each, click on the photo.

check out my catalog of beautiful food over on pinterest – it’s guaranteed to inspire you to try something new and different!

blueberry cake

thai noodles

watermelon frosty




weekend sparkles: foodie edition

frosting a cake

the weekend is a great time to attempt those special projects we don’t have time for during the week. especially when it’s cold, i like to get bags full of groceries and spend solid time in the kitchen. these (mostly sweet) picks will definitely keep you on your toes:

this glitzy trifle will add serious sparkle to your dinner party

a caesar dressing worthy of an addition to your recipe book

so THIS is how you frost a cake like a pro!

macarons… made at home. wanna try?


drizzle this peppermint hot fudge sauce over your ice cream this weekend

how to make almond milk… if you’re feeling really adventurous

the food lover’s cleanse by bon appetit

the food lovers cleanse

liquid cleanses aren’t only hard on the body and your social life, but they are difficult to sustain. this cleanse is for those of us who actually enjoy chewing. the guide comes complete with a grocery list, a make-ahead plan, and the recipes!

two weeks, maybe a little more work in the kitchen, but the payoff will reap rewards like getting rid of water weight, cravings and general cloudiness; plus you won’t starve.

miso lime dressing, braised leeks and greens, chicken breasts with citrus pan sauce… so many of the items might make into your usual rotation!

tip: try the cleanse with a friend and swap cooking days to halve your effort. sharsies!

holiday gift guide for your {everygirl}

holiday gift guide 2011

there should be something at all price points for your {everygirl} in my holiday gift guide. i would suggest you subtly forward this post to your significant other… 

this {everygirl} definitely owns and loves a few of these items! my first pair of louboutins were gifted from my boyfriend last christmas… my face as i unwrapped the box must have been absolutely priceless! although that was a really special gift, i do believe that the cost isn’t what matters – for me it is always the thought behind it… (i had coveted the shoes for years, and he knew it!).

that being said, i will always prefer to give a gift than receive one – making someone happy is one of my very favourite things.

happy shopping!

1. personalized nameplate necklace, $41
2. apple tv, $119
3. christian louboutin pigalle pumps, $595
4. michael kors ipad case, $155
5. customized rubber return address stamp, $19.95
6. bobbi brown gel eyeliner, $21
7. nespresso essenza espresso machine, $249
8. blasted church pinot gris 2010, $264 (case)
9. gwyneth paltrow’s cookbook, $20