fashion friday: vampy lips

makeup trend

this week brought the annual met ball and the celebs were out in full force showcasing their bold looks.

i noticed a fashion trend happening in makeup: the vampy lip! an odd choice for spring one might think, but it could be a sophisticated look when paired with clean, luminous skin, a dash of bronzer, and lots of lashes. avoid heavy eyeshadow and overdoing the contouring with these dark lips to keep from looking dated or too goth. what do you think – would you ever wear these dramatic lips?

mac lipstick in cyber or diva // nars lipstick in fast ride

p.s: these eye brightening tricks i posted this week would look great with these dark and moody lips!

oh, and don’t forget to submit your favourite personal style look before may 15th – deets here


adore this: the holy grail beauty tool


finding a holy grail product is a rare feat; one must kiss more than a few frogs and spend more than a few dollars to finally find that pot of gold but once we do, the benefits far outweigh the hassle. allow me to introduce you to the miraculous clarisonic. i’ve had mine for almost two years and it’s an item i cannot live without: believe the hype! at about $200, this bad boy isn’t cheap but it’s your SKIN and if it works, sign me up.

how it works: micro-massaging with an oscillating brush, it raises the circulation, cleaning and ‘polishing’ skin; in doing so it delivers a toned flush and diminishes pores in the way that a good facialist does every time you use it. the sonic waves power wash your pores improving tone, texture and the overall health of your skin and it prepares skin for serums and creams with a greater rate of absorption.

how to use it: squeeze cleanser directly onto the brush and glide it over your face and neck in slow, circular motions without applying much pressure. i buy my replacement heads on ebay which helps keep costs down since you’ll need to replace the head every few months. using it once a day is plenty and you’ll see results in two weeks. one charge lasts up to two weeks so it’s very travel friendly.

if you’re looking for a more affordable option, the mia model is a smaller version of the same awesome tool.

8 ways to beat the blahs

i’m not sure if it’s the copious amounts of food and spirits we consume in december, the lack of routine, the after christmas credit card bills or nasty weather (and by the way: who can cope with it getting dark at 4:30pm, really?!) but with january comes the “blahs”.

dull skin, you’re exhausted and are sure someone has replaced your wardrobe with a smaller version of each item. these 8 suggestions will help you feel bright and {sparkly} again… combine a few or try them all!

red lips

a bright lipstick: when i feel crummy, you’ll find me wearing a bright red or magenta lipstick. fake it ’til you make it, ladies!

green tea

green tea: drinking a few cups throughout the day isn’t only energizing but helps to detox the body and speed the metabolism.

nail polish

paint your nails: i feel my best when i’m ‘polished’. i love a classic red, and as spring gets closer, a neon pink.


brighten your teeth: crest whitestrips are such an easy, accessible way to sparkle your pearly whites.


shave your legs: don’t lie, you let it slip in the winter. exfoliating, shaving and then slathering your dry legs with moisturizer will make you feel more attractive!


groom those tootsies: get a pedicure or do it yourself at home. i feel so much better when my feet look the part. you can get one for $30 at some salons; treat yourself!


sweat it out: so obvious, but moving until you sweat will make you feel and look better. your skin will glow from the inside out and your brain will clarify. if it means dancing in your living room or walking up a hill to your fave music; move it!


self tanner: i haven’t ever used self tanner, but i know i feel so much better with a little colour on my skin. if you use one, now is the time to break it out! (don’t forget to exfoliate your skin first).