weekend sparkles

weekend sparkles

it’s a long weekend here in canada and ours is jam packed! tomorrow, i’m attending a dinner party in honour of jamie oliver’s food revolution day geared at sparking conversations about real food and inspire people to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle. i’ll divulge what i made to take with me on monday! enjoy your weekend, and why not treat yourself to some fresh flowers to celebrate spring – guaranteed to brighten up your space and make you feel HAPPY! x

how to tease your hair… this is a great tutorial and is exactly the same as my technique

stay organized in the kitchen with these fantastic tips

inspiration from ‘who what wear’ on styling your spring wardrobe

this homemade party favour is not only useful, but thoughtful and memorable


weekend sparkles

weekend sparkles 2

happy mother’s day to all of you lovely, selfless ladies out there! i’m so lucky to have a wonderful mother, and like many of you, think she’s the BEST one there is. this weekend, as mentioned, i’ll be hosting a full brunch for both families to celebrate – i’ll let you know how it turns out!

if you’re in vancouver, stop by the EPIC expo – it’s a trade show that focuses on conscious consumer lifestyles featuring the latest trends in fashion, food, health, beauty, home & garden, recreation, and transportation. i’ll be over in the epicurean corner on saturday with erin ireland sampling her delicious, artisan and to die for banana bread – so stop by and say hi if you’ll be there, too? (we’ll be in bright yellow – can’t miss us!)

in the meantime, enjoy these links i’m loving this week x

is pony hair really made from ponies and other fashion mysteries solved

a small bedroom doesn’t mean less style; great inspiration here!

10 salads for under $50 in total – love this

really dying to make this grapefruit cocktail

weekend sparkles

weekend sparkles 1

this weekend will include a few foodie adventures: a brunch with an out of town girlfriend, and a plan to make coconut cream pies to add to family sunday dinner. i’ll post the recipe if it turns out alright. have a lovely weekend and take a few to enjoy these sparkles over coffee! xo

do you have one signature fragrance, or have you built a ‘fragrance wardrobe’?

arranging flowers is an art – why not learn how?

gluten-free is becoming closer to the norm – here are 50 snack ideas for those of you who have the sensitivity

bet you’ve always wondered what was in joan rivers closet

weekend sparkles

weekend sparkles 2

where ever you are, i hope it’s nice and sunny like it is here! i’m dreaming of spending the morning in bed and the afternoon and evening sipping mojitos on a patio… in reality, we’re doing more furniture shopping and refinishing some nightstands we bought. have a great one! x

i would love to get into reading more and would love to make this one my summer read

have you considered ‘styling your coffee table’? here’s a how to

digging pleated skirts, and loving the inspiration i found over at small shop blog

the doughnut bun: a simple step by step guide to achieving it!

P.S: next week on {the sparkle} is ALL about makeup… tutorials, new products and fave items. see you then!

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weekend sparkles

weekend sparkles

happy easter! if you don’t celebrate it’s a good excuse to eat some chocolate, right? we’ll be spending the weekend with family doing brunches and dinners. i’ll make an apple crisp for easter dessert and will be sure to post the recipe soon! if you’re in vancouver and are looking for somewhere to indulge in a delish brunch, check out my ever growing list here. have a fab weekend and if you have some time to check out this weeks sparkles, enjoy! x

a fun easter diy including ‘peeps’ and an eggshell. adorable!

think you’re living in a small space? 100 sq ft is SMALL and here are 10 ways to furnish it

these adorable prints are perfect for an office or girly dressing area

trendy sunnies at their best… would you?

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weekend sparkles

weekend sparkles 3

after a whirlwind week spent out of town, i’m back and we’re in full nesting mode. my boyfriend just completed his move in so along with cleaning out nooks and crannies for his goodies (read: copious amounts of dvd’s and a few model transformers… eep!!!) we’ll be toasting this huge step in our lives à deux and then celebrating with friends over burgers and beers on saturday night. i can’t wait to plan the housewarming party!

can uggs ever look fashionable… but really… are you wearing uggs to look fashionable anyway?

virgin coconut oil is beneficial to your health – here’s how to use it in all possible ways

simple, gourmet granola that i’ll be whipping up one day very soon

blow dry your bangs like a pro with these tips!

p.s: tulips! total sparkle moment.

weekend sparkles (and my favorite sparkle)

weekend sparkles 2

sometimes, it’s the people closest to you who bring the most {sparkle} into your life! allow me to get personal for a moment?

this weekend, i’ll be on call: my best friend is 8 days overdue with her first child! she is one of the strongest women i know, not to mention incredibly thoughtful. knowing i’ve been wanting to purchase a nespresso machine, she’s been combing the flyers for a sale (hey, what else is there to do while you’re on mat leave waiting for baby?) – when she thought she found one, she texts me to ask: “want me to go pick it up for you?”. that’s right folks, 8 days overdue, heavily pregnant, she offers to run my errands. that’s just a slice of insight about the type of friend she is. val, i’m so excited for this big moment in your life and i can’t wait to meet baby stella.

have a wonderful weekend everyone… spring is SO CLOSE (anyone else getting tired of their winter wardrobe?!) x

wine etiquette! and you thought you knew…

going out this weekend, and wanna try a new ‘do? glamour girl waves are easier than you think

oh my gosh, this online interior design mag will inspire you – what a find!

40% of women are now out-earning their hubby’s; who runs the world?

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weekend sparkles

weekend sparkle

are you getting spring fever yet? the cherry blossoms are starting to sprout (in vancouver, at least!) and the clocks go forward one hour on saturday night (major boo!). before long, we’ll be complaining about the heat, or maybe that’s just me, ha.

keep your eyes peeled next week: on monday, it’s our first jewelry giveaway which i’m so excited for (if you follow me on twitter, you know all about it!) and later in the week, i’m sharing some spring cleaning methods… unconventional streamlining! until then, click through some sparkles and have a fab weekend? xo

nyc’s most stylish subway riders prove it’s cool to be unique

where do you keep your hair dryer? tons of suggestions over at apartment therapy

get into the swing of spring: this bright superfood salad with lemon vinaigrette is deeelish!

tools to give you volume – adele style!

photo credit: pinterest

weekend sparkles

weekend sparkles

the weekend is here! on saturday night we’re going for a double date burger night at stackhouse burger bar (one of the BEST places in vancouver for a burger!), a christening on sunday and in between, my bf starts the move in process. painting starts next week followed by closet installs etc. exciting times! enjoy this weeks sparkles over a hot mug of coffee, won’t you? x

over at made by girl, it’s all about j.crews bright fall looks – adore.

smart is stylish: improve your writing skills (i blame twitter and texting…)

lauren conrads 7 style rules… turns out they’re mine, too! (look out for the maxi dress tip)

do you love cheese? this is your kind of cake!

weekend sparkles

weekend sparkles 1

my weekend is all about taking care of business: organizing my home, putting together furniture for the bf’s move in and a saturday dentist appointment (seriously?!). hopefully we can sneak a piece of pie or movie night in somewhere. browse these links over a saturday morning coffee – enjoy your weekend! x

we’re in the market for a bar cart, and i’m dying for this one

wouldn’t you love to spend a long weekend in this hotel?

the pro’s show us how to be a well groomed traveler… in a perfect world

a six step plan to organizing your closet; i will be putting this strategy to use in early march!

p.s: yep, that’s a photo of me… completely mesmerized by a sparkler at a party last weekend.