weekend sparkles

weekend sparkles 2

well, i’m an auntie! my bestie had her baby that i was so anxiously awaiting, and i flew to my hometown to meet little stella jo. it’s been a few days of bonding, preparing nutritious food for the mama (taco soup, fresh fruit salad, and veggies), and living in pj’s. (full disclosure: i went with stella’s daddy to buy baby formula in pj pants at 9pm on a friday night)… that feeling you’re experiencing right now: disgust. have a much more stylish weekend than me, lovies!

speaking of style, ‘the coveteur’ takes us into lauren conrad’s stylish closet

how to be organized at work… get it done

a step by step video on getting sleek, smooth hair with a flat iron

a unique spring salad: spicy carrot & quinoa salad with coconut lime dressing


the engagement gift

so, your friend is getting married. if you are not part of the wedding party, you’ll still have to do your part ‘congratulating’ the couple, which will usually mean a string of gifts starting with: the engagement gift (followed by a shower gift, taking part in the stagette and finally, a wedding gift…). it’s difficult to know the etiquette of when to buy what… of course, you want to be unique without breaking the bank (see list of required gifts above… it can get pricey!). a standard bottle of wine need not apply.

we will be attending a friends engagement party this weekend, and in the spirit of getting something for the couple to enjoy together, the gift of an Aveda Shampure Candle* they can keep beside their bed fits the bill (something for the bedroom without being too cheeky!). the aroma is one that most people i know, love. an artisan card is a great addition; again, fits the unique theme.

*gifting these candles has informally become my signature; something special one wouldn’t normally buy for themselves is the direction i like to go.