how to: the tricks to bigger and brighter eyes

are your eyes feeling dull and tired? let’s turn that around with a few simple makeup artist tricks that i use on each and every satisfied client.

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how to: scented butter

scented butter

often times, a fancy touch can be a lot more simple than you’d think. such is the case with this little recipe for scented butter; add your favourite flavours to butter (in my case it was lemon zest and parsley), a pinch of sea salt, mix it up and store it in your fridge for up to a month.

its a nice little treat on bread, in sauces, over pasta or steak. i took it a step further and wrapped it up in plastic, parchment and a bow, gifting it to friends as they left my place after a visit. it’s always nice to make someone’s day with a sparkle!


mix it up

how to: a guide to blush

starting out our ‘makeup week’ here on {the sparkle} – a fresh makeup tutorial!

i’m SUCH a fan of blush and feel a face isn’t finished without it. this cosmetic must have adds life and youth to a face, but formulation and placement is key. especially for spring, it’s really livens things up! check out the tutorial and i’ll show you how to get the most out of your look!

is there something specific you’d like to see in a video tutorial? drop me a line, and your suggestion could be featured!

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diy: handmade notecards

handmade notecards

i’ve always been obsessed with pretty paper and random acts of thoughtfulness. i cherish handwritten notes and thank you cards friends send me and love doing the same for those i appreciate. having purchased simple flat note cards and foil lined envelopes online, i decided to make my own notecards and this is how i did it!

{glue pen
{martha stewart glue pen and glitter, purchased at michaels}

paper and sparkles
{decide on your pattern, draw it with the glue pen, and then pop down the glitter. don’t forget to place a piece up paper to catch all the glitter that will fall}

sparkle notecard{tap off the excess glitter and voila! i chose polka dots, of course}

{all the best, erin xo}

how to: spring streamlining

spring organizing

it’s official! spring is in the air and every style blog is talking about pastels and florals. over here we’re taking a more practical approach this time around… let’s talk spring cleaning, or as i call it: spring streamlining!

yes, you should do a good deep clean of your space but often times we forget that simple streamlining of our processes will not only make life easier but less stressful and more productive.

clean out your computer: many of us spend a HUGE chunk of our lives on our laptops and with that comes a slew of organizational issues. take a few hours and make your computer a delightful place to be by:

  • cleaning up your desktop (do you really need 40 random screenshots laying around? title and index ’em in folders)
  •  organizing your photos by month/year etc.
  •  sorting your bookmarks and deleting old ones (i use folders for my bookmarks titled by category i.e blogs, ideas, tutorials, recipes etc.)
  • freshening up your desktop image with something beautiful to look at
  • don’t forget about that music library – clean up the titles and add album covers… and delete that random ‘beenie man’ single for god sake

consolidate bill payments: are you paying some bills online, and others by different methods? still receiving paper bills that just add to the chaos at home? set up online billing via your banking website and make it easy to click those bills away. add due dates for credit cards and other payments to your calendar on a reoccurring schedule so you don’t have another thing to remember.

purge products: i just went through my bathroom and sorted out all of my skincare, haircare and makeup. that meant tossing some items that were almost empty and giving away products i didn’t like or use. it literally took me an hour; i felt so much lighter and it’s easier to find the products i use on a regular basis.

sync calendars and contacts: using software to sync up office, personal and social calendars is the easiest way to stay organized. apple introduced icloud and it seamlessly organizes your calendars, contacts, music and photos on all of your devices. once you get it set up correctly, it’s a time/life-saver (if you are having trouble, stop by an apple store and they will set you up at no cost… or fix settings that are giving you a headache).

social media re-vamp: it’s almost impossible to keep up with social media these days. between pinterest, instagram, facebook, twitter and the dozens of blogs you’d like to read, you’re short-circuiting… well, i am.

  • take a good look at who you are following on each and use the quality over quantity method.
  • sorting twitter into lists helps you control whose updates you read when.
  • annoyed by someone posting copious amounts of info on facebook? hide them from showing up your news feed.
  • using a platform like hootsuite can help you manage twitter and facebook while bloglovin’ is a great blog reading platform. i explain what it is and how to use it here.

photo credit: pinterest

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how to use pinterest

pinterest boards

have you caught the pinterest bug yet? everyone and their mother is using this new social media darling (literally! on a phone call the other day, my mom asked me if i’ve heard of it; too cute).

believe it or not, pinterest is a useful tool. it not only inspires ideas about fashion, decor, diy’s, beauty and food (hey, sounds like my blog!) but it keeps these ideas organized in one place. total time-saver for our hectic lives – it is literally like a giant online bulletin board where interesting ideas are at your beck and call.

the screenshot above gives you an idea about what i’m pinning – click it and follow along to catch tidbits that don’t make it onto the blog. i pin cool things daily, and i bet you’ll find something to inspire!

how it can work for you:

keep track of cool stuff: you know that photo of a party theme you came across online? you’ve bookmarked it, but then completely forgotten which label you’ve put it under. instead, pin it to a specified pinterest board, and it’s at your fingertips… with all of the other party planning pics you’ve started to pin! one clickthrough on the photo, and you’re at the webpage you’ve pinned it from.

share with other users: from the pinterest homepage, you can re-pin images on your own boards to your hearts content. this means you can also search by keyword… it’s like a souped up google images! looking for ideas to decorate your living room? try searching ‘decor’ and see what other users have pinned onto their boards… the possibilities are endless. tag your photos appropriately so others can find your pins just as easily… who knows, your image could go viral!

generate traffic to your site: if you run a website, and are curious how pinterest can work for you, check out this detailed article from the lovely editors of independent fashion bloggers.

i hope you’ll join me at my pinterest party!

how to: the lipstick trick

reapplying your lipstick all day and night can be annoying; this trick is a process that will help avoid consistent touch-ups.

is there something specific you’d like to see in a video tutorial? drop me a line, and your suggestion could be featured!

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how to: daytime eye in under 5 minutes

{i posted this video on youtube a few weeks ago, and with a hectic schedule, completely forgot to post it on the blog!}

the ‘daytime eye’ is something i’ve had quite a few requests for, so this is how i do it. you can omit or add what you like; sometimes i skip eyeliner all together if i’m feeling really lazy. regardless, you’ll looked polished in under 5 minutes – total win. in other news, ava makes her video debut – it’s a big moment for her!

next up, also upon request, the simple smokey eye; it’s so not as complicated as you may think.

{all products used are listed in graphics throughout the video}

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vlog: a few of my favourite beauty products

am i the only one who has had a difficult time finding a great foundation? let me introduce you to my fave, along with a few others in my new video.

tips for picking out the perfect foundation colour:

  • try it on: if you are purchasing a foundation at a store that has testers, try the three colours you think will work. spread each in a little line at your jaw to compare. if you cannot test out the colours, make sure you can return a foundation. it’s nearly impossible to pick out a proper match without trying it on.
  • go outside: the only way to see which colour matches properly is to take a mirror outside into natural light and take a look. yes, it will look odd but it’s completely necessary!
  • get a second opinion: ask a friend which one they think matches your skin.

if it’s difficult to pin down your skin tone, eyeballing a few foundation colours to try on will help narrow down if you are cool, neutral or warm and then you can go from there.

happy glowing!

how to: false lashes the easy way

hold on to your lashes, girls!

starting out in makeup, i had the most difficult time with false lashes. when clients would request them, i would have a little internal freak out. they would slide everywhere, lift at each corner, and never end up sitting where i hoped and prayed they would. i have since conquered the fear (and technique!) and want to share this three step, five second process i’ve developed for a fool proof beautiful result each time.

grab a pair of falsies, tweezers, eyelash curler and mascara and give it a go with me.