weekend sparkles

weekend sparkles 2

happy mother’s day to all of you lovely, selfless ladies out there! i’m so lucky to have a wonderful mother, and like many of you, think she’s the BEST one there is. this weekend, as mentioned, i’ll be hosting a full brunch for both families to celebrate – i’ll let you know how it turns out!

if you’re in vancouver, stop by the EPIC expo – it’s a trade show that focuses on conscious consumer lifestyles featuring the latest trends in fashion, food, health, beauty, home & garden, recreation, and transportation. i’ll be over in the epicurean corner on saturday with erin ireland sampling her delicious, artisan and to die for banana bread – so stop by and say hi if you’ll be there, too? (we’ll be in bright yellow – can’t miss us!)

in the meantime, enjoy these links i’m loving this week x

is pony hair really made from ponies and other fashion mysteries solved

a small bedroom doesn’t mean less style; great inspiration here!

10 salads for under $50 in total – love this

really dying to make this grapefruit cocktail



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