it’s monday: instagram sparkles

its monday

a few sparkles via instagram from my week. i’ll be holding a twitter giveaway for a cake for breakfast ‘lyla kay’ bracelet (the one pictured above – cute, isn’t it?!) this week and i’ll announce it on the blog when it goes live with deets on how to win it! x

i received my very own cake for breakfast bracelet! stay tuned to win your very own via twitter // two pairs of new toms – ava stole their thunder // salted caramel ice cream between two soft, sweet and salty praline cake wafers from au petit chavignol // starting the weekend with a skinnygirl cosmo – might be my new signature drink! // ava seems to be taking downward dog literally… // simple accessories for the day that bring serious impact

follow along on instagram here


3 thoughts on “it’s monday: instagram sparkles

  1. We gotta try that new Skinny Girl COSMO! As we were such big fans of the Margarita…great pictures(as always) have a great week!


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