weekend sparkles


i came across this gorgeous photo and it summed up my feelings… hurry up summer so i can eat delicious, fresh berries! we booked a little summer getaway for august long weekend and i am so excited for it. i firmly believe you always need to have something to look forward to – preferably a trip! this weekend i’m trying desperately to get a start at finishing my office; shelves and art have yet to go up. have a fantastic weekend… let’s wait for summer together!

gold friendship earrings – i love this idea!

speaking of gold – this tutorial for gold edged frames is brilliant. wonder if you could just tape off the corners and paint directly onto the frame?

what models wear off the runway

victoria beckham’s designer range rover is ready for purchase… what do you think of it?


2 thoughts on “weekend sparkles

  1. Seriously LUV Victoria…of course I would be really impressed to see her in grease covered-coveralls(fashionably of course) tinkering under the hood!


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