fashion friday: what to wear to a wedding

spring wedding what to wear

it’s wedding season! this little ‘what to wear’ spring wedding feature includes a great floral print, and a neon belt to wrap around the mint or cream dress (YES, you can wear white to a wedding!).

i am a firm believer that you shouldn’t need to purchase a new outfit for a wedding… unless you’re the bride of course! build the look around an item most of us have in our closet: a summer dress. pair it with some neutral accessories and of course don’t forget a little wrap for the evening chill (this one comes in a few different colours); even more importantly, don’t forget to stash a pair of flats in the car for late night dancing! … seriously, nothing kills the night faster than sore feet.

wedges // wrap // necklace // cream dress // mint dress // sunnies // pumps // flats // floral dress // earrings // belt // bag


7 thoughts on “fashion friday: what to wear to a wedding

      • i guess so. you know, there are so many other shades and patterns you can wear… why wear white? i might be a bit old fashioned though! or maybe it’s a cultural thing… in spain is a deadly sin of style and etiquette!

      • if it’s a huge no-no in your culture, i would recommend following that, but with regard to rules like “no white after labour day” “no open toe shoes in winter” “no white to a wedding”… they don’t exist anymore! xo

  1. I love the floral dress and the slingback pumps!

    Gotta disagree with you on the wearing white without a print or another colour to a wedding as a guest though. I wouldnt be bothered at all if someone wore white to my wedding, but I def wouldnt do it myself!

    • those slingbacks are just fabulous, aren’t they?! it’s always great to have our own personal fashion rules for sure. x


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