review: nars tinted moisturizer

nars tinted moisturizer

as i’ve said before, i love sharing new products with my readers and operate with a “if you have nothing nice to say” policy… in other words, if i don’t love it, you won’t hear about it… because who wants another lukewarm product on their shelf?

as a huge NARS fan, i expected the best from their new tinted moisturizer and was more than proved right. i was so darn impressed with the stuff. is it pricey? yes, but it’s your skin and that’s important. go ahead skimp on items like mascara but we ALL want our skin to look and feel the best it can. my day to day foundation is NARS sheer glow, and i can say that this one actually trumps it.

the deets:

  • my skin type is oily/combo and it kept me looking fresh all day long
  • the coverage is very light, but add an extra layer a deeper finish
  • i couldn’t believe how luminous it made my skin look, it gives a majorly radiant finish
  • doesn’t settle into lines or pores like many other foundations
  • perfect for spring and summer
  • spf 30 – higher than other tinted moisturizers – allows you to skip a step in your routine

it’s a serious gem that has my full endorsement!


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