it’s monday: instagram sparkles

monday sparkles

this weekend was super low-key and relaxing by choice. i got all of my errands out of the way on friday so we could sleep at least one weekend morning. it felt almost sinful! saturday afternoon we went searching for a headboard and came up empty handed. if you have any tips, feel free to share?

by the way: this whole week is all about makeup on the blog! a tutorial, a new collection from bobbi brown and a review on a new nars product.

a mid-afternoon nail painting break (‘teddygirl’ by butter and gold bowl from the cross design) // early saturday spring walk to enjoy the cherry blossoms // sporting some new toms from jennyfleur loves // setting up for a new blush tutorial when i’ll be posting this week // ava loves to relax on weekend mornings as well // the most amazing braised beef from raincity grill – if you’re in vancouver – you MUST treat yourself

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4 thoughts on “it’s monday: instagram sparkles

      • Ive heard alot of raves about Grace’s headboard tutorial(on Design*Sponge, and in her book), although it isnt tufted, I love it because instead of tufting you can use a funky fabric or still a solid fabric.
        I find most of the tufted tutorials are the same, I would just search around to find which ones use items you could grab easily or have at home, cause not everyone has a workshop! But I deff think its worth a shot if you cant find anything else that you like.
        Im also really feeling the pallet headboards I’ve been seeing online lately.
        Hope that helps a bit!


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