weekend sparkles

weekend sparkles 2

where ever you are, i hope it’s nice and sunny like it is here! i’m dreaming of spending the morning in bed and the afternoon and evening sipping mojitos on a patio… in reality, we’re doing more furniture shopping and refinishing some nightstands we bought. have a great one! x

i would love to get into reading more and would love to make this one my summer read

have you considered ‘styling your coffee table’? here’s a how to

digging pleated skirts, and loving the inspiration i found over at small shop blog

the doughnut bun: a simple step by step guide to achieving it!

P.S: next week on {the sparkle} is ALL about makeup… tutorials, new products and fave items. see you then!

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6 thoughts on “weekend sparkles

  1. I love the picture you used above!

    Anyway, if you are going to read My Year With Eleanor, than you are going to love Once Upon A Secret by Mimi Alford!!


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