making a house a home

house to home

slowly but surely changes have been happening around my (OUR) apartment. his cologne is mixed in with my perfume, our office is close to being complete and new photos have been framed in our bedroom. in the coming months, we’ll purchase new dining chairs, our king bed will arrive and my bf and his dad will construct a headboard. i can’t wait to get everything perfected. all of that aside, him being here, and decorating the place together, makes my apartment feel more like a home, and that’s what is most important.

{silver framed photos that sit on a credenza in the bedroom – mexico and summer 2011}

{new office set up; i have one side of the office and he has the other. desk from ikea, bowl from the cross design in vancouver and shoes from zara and asos}

{nespresso in action on a sunday morning. edited with instagram}

{my perfume is now mixed with his tom ford and gaultier cologne}

missoni towels
{missoni towels purchased at homesense ages ago he had been keeping for our place}

kitchen shelf
{looking through the kitchen cutout, a new storage shelf holding necessities}

liquor shelf
{our liquor shelf, and my girly straws}

{his desktop in the office}


7 thoughts on “making a house a home

  1. You’re lucky to have a boyfriend with similar home tatses as your own. I’m finding it difficult to mix vintage teapots and upcycled furniture with a 50″ flatscreen and too many video game figures!

    • hey donna! no kidding… it’s not to say that we haven’t had our disagreements about decor, but he’s happy to have half the office for his “boy stuff”… and so am i, haha. x


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