review: moroccan oil

morrocan oil

if you’ve been thinking about trying moroccan oil, take the plunge and reap the rewards. this much raved about product is not overrated.

how may of us have baskets full of products that didn’t follow through on their promises? moroccan oil does what it says: keeps your hair smooth and shiny, keeps it healthy, and rinses out clean when you’re ready for it to.

my hair is fine, but thick (in other words: thin strands, but LOTS of it and left to it’s own devices, prone to major frizz!). i’ve used the treatment oil itself for a few years; here’s what works best for me along with a few highlights of the product:

  • use a small, pea sized drop on wet hair, and work it from mid-shaft to ends
  • either blowdry or allow to air dry. if i am letting it air dry, i’ll use a little bit extra
  • a bottle lasts months; well worth the price
  • the molecules of the moroccan oil are actually small enough to penetrate the hair shaft, thus giving it the ability to improve the health of the hair over time
  • no buildup

i was recently given the opportunity to try a new item from moroccan oil; the ‘hydrating styling cream’ is another winner. if i use this precious product on my wet hair and allow it to air dry, i get a very controlled result. that’s not to say i’m left frizz free, but it makes it soft and manageable with ease of control. my boyfriend uses this on his stubborn, coarse hair – he is in love and steals it on a regular basis. good thing the product goes a long way!


8 thoughts on “review: moroccan oil

      • nope! I also own a women’s contemporary boutique called BLUSH in St. Louis…and I’ve suggested it to quite a few of my ‘clients’/customers:)

  1. Thanks for the review! I’ve been debating on this for awhile now. I also have fine but extremely thick hair which a lot of people don’t understand… apparently it’s a rare combination? But this sounds great! I definitely need to give in and try it!


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