it’s monday: instagram sparkles

its monday

are you all getting into the spring groove yet? my bestie had her baby stella jo on the first day of spring, how special is that! i’m spending this week on ‘holiday’ in my hometown meeting the baby and hanging out with my family… and shopping! believe it or not, edmonton has some of the BEST shopping and with less tax than vancouver, i always take full advantage.

a homemade note card for the winner of the keltie leanne designs necklace // meeting baby stella // pre-packing my toiletries in a ziplock to avoid any delay at the airport! // an injection of florals in the form of a scarf from zara // afternoon snack: juicy pear slices, brie and some crispy baguette // short haul flight necessities: ear buds, a big scarf that doubles as a wrap and a HILARIOUS book – highly recommended!


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