recipe: bacon wrapped candied salmon

bacon wrapped candied salmon

i came up with the idea for bacon wrapped candied salmon as i was strolling the aisles at whole foods. i don’t know about you, but i am such fan of salmon and maple and bacon, so throwing these together is instant satisfaction. it’s a pleasing snack to serve friends at a dinner party, or simply as an appy to share over wine. sweet and salty is my favourite flavour combination, and i couldn’t stop popping these in my mouth after i prepped ’em!

here’s how i did it:

roast bacon

have you ever roasted bacon? thanks to my guru, ina garten, i was inspired to try and never looked back. i highly recommend this method – it’s so low maintenance – you literally lay it out, and come back 20 minutes later to perfectly crispy goodness. best tip i could ever give you is to line the baking sheet with foil… for obvious reasons.

dab and wrap

p.s: check out all of my recipes over at my recipe box!


3 thoughts on “recipe: bacon wrapped candied salmon

  1. LUV it! And the pics are gorgeous! You must have a photographer and food stylist on board? DIVULGE! Can’t wait to try these at my next party. Any tip on what salmon to purchase?


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