it’s monday: instagram sparkles

its monday

last week was all about c-h-a-n-g-e! i got bangs… again! (i always go back to this hairstyle when i’m feeling for a change) and we are slowly getting the new office put together, not to mention our new bedroom – i’m excited to share the final product with you all… but, it may not be for awhile since we’re toying with the idea of upgrading from a queen to a king size bed. that will be a process.

have a lovely week! oh, and if you don’t have an iphone, you can follow me on instagram here. x

new bangs! // a sneak peek of my new office set-up // one of my fave accessories: a pair of diamond studs // oj to kick off the day // art at my hairstylist, very cool // outfit of the day: zara shoes, scarf and satchel, gap skinny jeans


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