weekend sparkles (and my favorite sparkle)

weekend sparkles 2

sometimes, it’s the people closest to you who bring the most {sparkle} into your life! allow me to get personal for a moment?

this weekend, i’ll be on call: my best friend is 8 days overdue with her first child! she is one of the strongest women i know, not to mention incredibly thoughtful. knowing i’ve been wanting to purchase a nespresso machine, she’s been combing the flyers for a sale (hey, what else is there to do while you’re on mat leave waiting for baby?) – when she thought she found one, she texts me to ask: “want me to go pick it up for you?”. that’s right folks, 8 days overdue, heavily pregnant, she offers to run my errands. that’s just a slice of insight about the type of friend she is. val, i’m so excited for this big moment in your life and i can’t wait to meet baby stella.

have a wonderful weekend everyone… spring is SO CLOSE (anyone else getting tired of their winter wardrobe?!) x

wine etiquette! and you thought you knew…

going out this weekend, and wanna try a new ‘do? glamour girl waves are easier than you think

oh my gosh, this online interior design mag will inspire you – what a find!

40% of women are now out-earning their hubby’s; who runs the world?

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