weekend sparkles

weekend sparkle

are you getting spring fever yet? the cherry blossoms are starting to sprout (in vancouver, at least!) and the clocks go forward one hour on saturday night (major boo!). before long, we’ll be complaining about the heat, or maybe that’s just me, ha.

keep your eyes peeled next week: on monday, it’s our first jewelry giveaway which i’m so excited for (if you follow me on twitter, you know all about it!) and later in the week, i’m sharing some spring cleaning methods… unconventional streamlining! until then, click through some sparkles and have a fab weekend? xo

nyc’s most stylish subway riders prove it’s cool to be unique

where do you keep your hair dryer? tons of suggestions over at apartment therapy

get into the swing of spring: this bright superfood salad with lemon vinaigrette is deeelish!

tools to give you volume – adele style!

photo credit: pinterest


4 thoughts on “weekend sparkles

  1. I seriously love all your links that you leave me… i mean us for the next couple days! They are always so fun and like, “why didnt I think of that?” type articles! lol

    Heart ya!

    • that’s so sweet of you to say – i’m glad you like them… always fun to learn new things! hope you had a great weekend, sarah! x


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