fashion friday: her way // your way

her way your way

this is a new feature that i’m calling “her way // your way” – we’re making the high end look our own, for less.

celebs have seemingly unlimited funds (not to mention professionals) to style themselves. us mere mortals do not, but we can look like we do! miranda kerr’s look is a simple one, but the high-waisted jeans with the lux bag and sunnies give it a certain polish.

asos flats ($58) // dior sunnies ($284) and a more affordable & unique version: asos ($21) // dooney & bourke bag ($287) // equipment top – this is the same one she’s wearing! ($188) // j brand jeans ($200) and a more affordable version: madewell ($125)


6 thoughts on “fashion friday: her way // your way

  1. We love Miranda’s style…so fresh and not so fussy…and we think the tangerine bag you chose is actually better than Ms. Kerr’s…probably a fraction of the cost too!


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