how to use pinterest

pinterest boards

have you caught the pinterest bug yet? everyone and their mother is using this new social media darling (literally! on a phone call the other day, my mom asked me if i’ve heard of it; too cute).

believe it or not, pinterest is a useful tool. it not only inspires ideas about fashion, decor, diy’s, beauty and food (hey, sounds like my blog!) but it keeps these ideas organized in one place. total time-saver for our hectic lives – it is literally like a giant online bulletin board where interesting ideas are at your beck and call.

the screenshot above gives you an idea about what i’m pinning – click it and follow along to catch tidbits that don’t make it onto the blog. i pin cool things daily, and i bet you’ll find something to inspire!

how it can work for you:

keep track of cool stuff: you know that photo of a party theme you came across online? you’ve bookmarked it, but then completely forgotten which label you’ve put it under. instead, pin it to a specified pinterest board, and it’s at your fingertips… with all of the other party planning pics you’ve started to pin! one clickthrough on the photo, and you’re at the webpage you’ve pinned it from.

share with other users: from the pinterest homepage, you can re-pin images on your own boards to your hearts content. this means you can also search by keyword… it’s like a souped up google images! looking for ideas to decorate your living room? try searching ‘decor’ and see what other users have pinned onto their boards… the possibilities are endless. tag your photos appropriately so others can find your pins just as easily… who knows, your image could go viral!

generate traffic to your site: if you run a website, and are curious how pinterest can work for you, check out this detailed article from the lovely editors of independent fashion bloggers.

i hope you’ll join me at my pinterest party!


9 thoughts on “how to use pinterest

  1. Very helpful! I love pinterest but don’t really know how to use it yet so this is great. I haven’t figured out how to find friends though without giving it access to my fb. Do you know how to do that? If you can find me, add me! hotsauceforlife


    • absolutely, ashlyn. it seems like ppl are now realizing the importance of tagging photos properly for search purposes. have a great weekend! x


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