foodie finds: vancouver’s best food

foodie finds

let me help you find the best food in vancouver… it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it and i’m happy to be the ‘chosen one’! february was a very social month full of outings with girlfriends, my boyfriend and business meals; proudly and happily, i scratched three “must try” vancouver spots off my ever growing list.

these are my favourite foodie finds for the month. if you’re planning a visit to vancouver, i HIGHLY recommend trying these restaurants, and if you live in vancouver, lucky you!



this place is a vancouver institution, and my boyfriend took me for valentines day. i was so impressed and enjoyed everything we ordered. the octopus chips are a must try, but unfortunately, my camera wasn’t able to get a decent shot in the dim light (#foodieproblems). natasha henstridge and her date were at the next table, so i guess this place must be special; apparently she’s a regular here!

italian kitchen

italian kitchen

this spot holds one of my favourite dishes in vancouver. you must go for the truffle cream spaghetti with the kobe meatballs. the pasta platter was a treat at lunch shared between a few of us.


milano coffee roasters

this is a great spot in gastown (there’s other locations throughout vancouver, too). with the neighbourhood feel and the modern yet comfortable atmosphere, you must try the carrot cake (dare i say “the best i’ve ever had”) – the coffee is also unbelievable.


tableau bistro

this spot has been in my rotation since august of last year when they hosted my 30th birthday party. i would say i’m somewhat of a regular at this french style bistro, and the lamb shank with risotto was a pleasure to eat.

cactus club

cactus club cafe

often, i shy away from chain restaurants, but during a business lunch, i tried these two swoon worthy dishes. their menu had a recent re-design by celeb chef rob feenie and let me tell you, i’m very impressed with the improvements!


nicli antica pizzeria

to call this pizza is almost unrepresentative of what it is. the flavours are clear and fresh; this must be the closest to authentic neapolitan pizza you’ll find in the western hemisphere. the ceasar salad was equally delicious.



this is a spot i’ve been dying to try since it opened. it’s received fierce critical acclaim, and these two dishes lived up to it. the mixtures of textures and flavours were done to pure perfection at this modern french style restaurant.


commune cafe

it’s a cafe to enjoy a great coffee and erin ireland’s ‘it’s to die for banana bread’ but when i tried the flatbread at lunch with a friend, i was delighted.

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10 thoughts on “foodie finds: vancouver’s best food

  1. Apart from the Cactus Club we haven’t been to ANY of those? Crazy!!! And even then we have never ordered the “Tuna Club” or the “Butternut Squash prawn”? (Are we blind and bland? lol) Thanks! Will start w/Boneta would love to see who Natasha is cozying up to.

  2. mmmm, so delicious looking! maybe i should just hop on a plane and go travelling for food now that i’m almost graduated. really loving the risotto and the pizzas featured. (clearly, i miss my carbs…)

    • sorry to make you hungry! italian kitchen is a great place to start… and check out a few others while you’re here too! x

    • thanks, e! a few are shot with my new cam, but others were impromptu and shot with my iphone 4S if you can believe it! xo


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