instagram sparkles

instagram sparkles

this week was super busy AND productive. meetings, appointments and we spent the weekend cleaning out the kitchen, putting together furniture – and not one argument in doing so – quite an accomplishment! (if you’ve ever put together a few ikea pieces with your partner, you know what i mean…) x

outfit fit for a monday: a cozy belted poncho and skinny jeans // a gin cocktail at l’abattoir // family time on a sunday morning in bed (he’s goofy) // the most divine butternut squash with beurre blanc from cactus club // more sunday morning goodness: homemade cinnamon swirl coffee cake and mugs of hot coffee // iphone self snap adorned in a new hrh collection necklace!


4 thoughts on “instagram sparkles

  1. SOLD! We’ve heard great things about Cactus Club’s Butternut squash w/beurre blanc…and we are usually skeptical about ordering “pasta” as it’s usually adequate unless specified…also your BF & Ava are to ca-hute!


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