my apartment: a sneak peek

the sparkle home

hello lovely readers! i was recently featured on ‘made by girl’ with an article i wrote on renting entitled ‘the good, the bad and the UGLY’. i took a few snapshots of my apartment to include with the article, so i wanted to give you lovlies a peek into my space. it’s in a state of flux right now; with my boyfriend moving in, there will be BIG updates coming over the next few months (as you can tell by my bedroom, a tad girl-i-fied which just won’t do for him!)

my apartment is the best of all worlds: the location is central to everything, the building is heritage (1900’s) but completely re-finished (granite etc.) and spacious at just under 1000 sq ft. the downside? one bathroom and no outdoor space, but you can’t have it all and even though i’ve been known to be extremely picky, this fits my (our) lifestyle perfectly.

i’m so excited for updates which include changing my current bedroom into a dual office, moving into the bigger bedroom, new kitchen chairs, replacing the bookcase in the dining room with a more modern piece, replacing the tv bench that i’ve re-purposed as a catch all (yuck!), new dining room light fixture… i could go on! it’s a dynamic project and i’m excited to sink my teeth into it.

i’ll have a new set of photos once everything is complete full of fresh ideas and inspiration for your space.

check out my feature after the jump for those of you who are interested!


In this day and age, who likes an ironclad commitment?  (Unless you’re a woman rapidly approaching her mid thirties… but that’s another article for another time). Choosing to live in an apartment equals “freedom”.  For example: the neighborhood takes a drastic downturn and stilettos are now more of a weapon than a fashion must this season?  The warehouses next to the cannery have been converted into opulent concrete lofts and that’s where you’d like to relocate? 

Simply pack up stakes and step… that easy!  And hey, if your fridge breaks simply speed-dial the super and your problem of warm white wine is someone else’s problem. You won’t even have to break a perfectly manicured nail opening a toolbox!


Picture this scenario: you’re about to leave the apartment at 8am and running late… your chatty/nosy neighbor is locking up the same time and is ready for a chat. That’s right – living in an apartment means a lack of privacy. They can hear you, and worst of all – you can hear them, and their bad taste in music (is Nickelback at 11pm really necessary?)

Someone is always ready for a chat;  don’t let network TV fool you, it’s usually not a handsome French artist or an interesting and glamorous flight attendant next door.  My advice? keep your neighbors at arms length or before you know it, they’re standing at your door with a cup of coffee, a rash they want your opinion on and the latest building goss.


You have an invisible roommate – your landlord, and he has more say about what happens in the apartment as you do, so cozy up!  Maybe you’d like to spruce up your space with a fresh coat of paint in this year’s pantone pick?  Check with your invisible  roommate.  He may say yes, but the stipulation? You must paint it back before you leave, or there goes your damage deposit.  Maybe your dishwasher model is closer to what the Flintstones’ originally used?

Getting it replaced will most often be a struggle. The best advice: do whatever it takes to stay the landlord’s favorite tenant above everybody else in that building.  That’s right, we’re talking birthday presents, Christmas presents, plenty of “please’s” and “thank you’s” and even accompanying their visiting mother-in-law to her eye-appointment. No one said getting what you want was going to be easy.


13 thoughts on “my apartment: a sneak peek

  1. Eversince I saw photo’s of your place on fb i fell in love with it! It’s my definition of the perfect appartment. High ceilings, big windows…. i am kind of jealous!


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