instagram sparkles

instagram sparkles

this week was hectic but i was able to squeak in some fun. my v-day was uber special and i bought a new pair of shoes from zara (seen in the look above!).

on a personal note, i just wanted to thank everyone who takes the time to visit and comment on the blog. your encouragement and interest in {the sparkle} means the world to me. have a wonderful week! x

a spotlight on where i keep my i see noise print // ava with her pops on a sunny sunday afternoon // sparkly pink and red v-day nails // a grey on grey on grey outfit // before heading out to sunday dinner with my bf’s fam // scored half price fancy chocolates on feb.15th – everygirl style!

do you follow the instagramin’ yet? here i am!


9 thoughts on “instagram sparkles

    • omg, alex – the double baked almond croissant is TDF and beyond! glad i’m not alone in the love! i got the lippman polist at bluebird on alberni, it’s such a great boutique! thanks so much xo


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