recipe: the kitchen sink salad

everything but the kitchen sink salad

one of my go-to meals is what i call ‘the kitchen sink salad’, meaning ‘use what you have’ and ‘create a masterpiece’. what i love about this version is the mix of flavours and textures, the simplicity and unpretentious approach. not to mention it’s filling and nutritious!

my version is dressed with a drizzle of balsamic crema… yum!

fresh and sweet

tangy and juicy

as you’ll see, it’s as simple as chopping up a few things and tossing them in. one knife, one bowl, one cutting board. swap out one ingredient for another, play with balance and make it your own.

rich and hearty

cool and creamy

p.s: i’ve started a recipe index where you can find all of my recipes in a snap. visit and bookmark it! {the sparkle} recipe box


8 thoughts on “recipe: the kitchen sink salad

  1. That looks SO GOOD! You must invite me over for dinner lol! I’m gonna try making a “Sparkle” inspired kitchen sink speciality tonight!


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