she’s fancy: hot heels

shoe love

when my boyfriend told me he had planned a special evening out for valentines, not only was my first thought ‘what should i wear?’ but actually ‘what shoes am i going to wear’? isn’t that what we always ask ourselves… or is it just me?! (disclaimer: we’ve known each other for 8 yrs so he’s downright giddy when i throw on a pair of heels for an outing… sad!)

these sweet, sexy and trendy picks are what i’d love on my feet this year for a romantic night out with my sweetheart. which ones define your personal style?

she's charming

she's tough

she's trendy

she's classy

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

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16 thoughts on “she’s fancy: hot heels

  1. The Sam Edelman studded pumps are definitely my favourite pair of the bunch – they’ve been on my wish list for some time now! Hope you had a fabulous Valentine’s Day dear (& got to wear a gorgeous pair of heels while doing so 😉

    ❤ Shawna

    • i think they’re sold at holts and little burgundy… but not 100% – have you seen them there, shawna? thank you for the wishes – i sure DID & was able to take my loubs out of the box. hope yours was great too xo

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