instagram sparkles

instagram sparkles jan 30

last week was pretty low-key – lots of working and coffee to keep things moving! ‘hotel costes’ has been on repeat. this week, i’m super excited to be hosting a valentines giveaway sponsored by purdy’s chocolate. don’t forget to enter… three pounds of chocolate could really make this a v-day to remember! x

a great piece of advice // details of an outfit including some signature tortoise, leopard and red lippy // coffee and a lavender doughnut on a rainy morning // a new monday strategy: starting the week with one macaron // pointy patent toes and a men’s button down // lucky girl having sunday coffee delivered to bed by her sweet bf


15 thoughts on “instagram sparkles

  1. I loveeee the idea of starting the week w/ one macaron!

    We just got back from NOLA, where I bought a big ole box that has now deceased. Dang it. I should have saved and eaten them sparingly, I mean weekly. 🙂


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