weekend sparkle

weekend sparkle

i receive a lot of questions about the name of my blog and why i chose it. i wanted to choose something that encompassed both the tangible and intangible. often, i would describe someone, something, an event in my life or a feeling as: sparkly.

it’s that intangible feeling, moment or magic. i recently found this quote and it partly put into words why i started this blog. and on a lighter note, i just really like pretty things!

“We need less posturing and more genuine charisma. Charisma was originally a religious term, meaning “of the spirit” or “inspired”. It’s about letting the light of a higher power shine through us. It’s about a sparkle in people that money can’t buy. It’s an invisible energy with visible effects. To let go, to just love, is not to fade into the wallpaper. Quite the contrary, it’s when we truly become bright. We’re letting our own light shine.”

 – Marianne Williamson

have a sparkly weekend! x


16 thoughts on “weekend sparkle

    • no problem, bailey – thank you so much for posting that quote. it was hard to put into words why i chose this name, but that quote nailed it! and thank you so much so thinking of me for the award. too sweet. xoxoxo

      p.s: thanks for the feedback about the photos! it’s SO fun to do.


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