fashion friday: the investment bag

the investment bag

when i turned thirty last year (eep!), i splurged on what i term as ‘the investment bag’. it was a gift to myself i felt was deserved for the milestone. the louis vuitton tote style bag (aka the ‘neverfull’) was one that i had eyed for years. like so many gals in their late teens/early 20’s with limited funds but a hunger for style, i was guilty of buying a replica vuitton. having the means to treat myself to the real deal was exactly that: a treat and a symbolic ‘i made it’ moment.

my definition of an investment bag: classic, never trendy, fits in with your day-to-day wardrobe (cost per wear!), will only get better with age, somewhat practical (i stuff mine full for plane and moped rides), luxurious, and lastly: always makes an outfit special. it’s an investment into your personal style.

these picks are the investment bags that i have been coveting for years. the chanel bag is at the top of my list – finding one at a consignment store would be a dream!


22 thoughts on “fashion friday: the investment bag

  1. The end of my twenties is near and I still have to narrow down my ‘milestone’ purchase, but you definitely threw out some fabulous options!! Happy Bday:)

  2. Those are all amazing bags…..really investment bags…I lust also for the chanel,alexa and neverfull…I’m also lusting for alexander wang rocco bag ;))…I’m turning thirty this summer and I sooooo want that vuitton for my birthday ;))) My ‘only’ problem is that in my country there’s no store with either of those bag ;(((( so maybe online or if I travel somewhere 😉

  3. I bought my LV Speedy bag and matching wallet when I was in Milan visiting Meg!!! I love it, it’s an ever constant reminder of an amazing trip (which included Paris), my BFF and that I’d semi- made it financially!! I’ll really make it when I own some PRADA and CHANEL!!! Xoxo

    P.S. love the never-full

  4. oh I so agree with this post!! I have an authentic Neverfull and I just love it. I didn’t stop wearing it for a year and then finally switched handbags for just a short time, but I always go back to it 🙂 I love your blog, and thanks so much for the sweet message on IFB. I’m following you now and can’t wait to read future posts 🙂
    Take care!

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