it’s to die for: {the sparkle} feature

its to die for

great food is something i’m passionate about; sometimes, the term ‘foodie’ is putting it mildly. as erin ireland says “why waste calories on food that isn’t ‘to die for’?” and i would tend to agree… perhaps this like way of thinking is why we connected right away! i’ve featured this lovely and influential vancouver food reporter on {the sparkle} back at start up – not only does she know her ‘to die for’ food – she is insanely stylish.

erin asked to feature my “to die for face” in an article all about the food i die for in vancouver. i was honoured and didn’t miss a beat grabbing a thomas haas almond double baked croissant to evoke the reaction. check out the full feature by clicking the photo above!

(if you are looking for spots in vancouver to try out, check my restaurant picks. these are vetted by me and in no way am i paid to endorse anything i recommend. as i find the best spots, the lists are updated so keep an eye out for new additions!)

p.s: have you seen this “sh!t foodies say” video yet?! it’s really hilarious – from my boyfriend’s mouth: “did you write this script?”.


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