instagram sparkles

jan 23 sparkles

judging by this weeks sparkles, i’m shoe obsessed; shocking! have a wonderful last week of january… just that much closer to spring! x

looks like someone claimed the new sheepskin rug as her own // new print from a talented etsy artist (giveaway coming up in february!) // show-stopping light feature at glowbal group’s black & blue restaurant // saturday night shoes that killed my feet after 20 minutes // diy mani (as you can tell) in ‘french affair’ // my gf’s brunching shoes – she won that round!


9 thoughts on “instagram sparkles

  1. @anamarija: that is so sweet, thank you for saying that! x

    @jen: thanks so much! where did you get your print from?

    @sophie: thanks, girly!

    @alex: tell me about it, hey?! she totally outdid my flats, haha!


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