defining your decorating style

classic airy

decorating is a pleasure of mine and although i don’t believe in trends when it comes to my space, i do believe in updating your space when it’s stale and building your decor slowly over time. it takes a great deal of patience to look for the perfect pieces (that don’t cost a fortune!) and not just to go to ikea and buy up a room stage.

my boyfriend is moving into my apartment in the next few months, and we’ll be decorating our bedroom; i’m seeking inspiration for our new space. he’s made it clear that he’s not into the super fem styles, but i think a few of these rooms have a good mix of masculine thrown in. as we choose our pieces, we’re learning compromise…

the first item we have purchased is a cowhide rug for the bedroom similar to this one. i’m very excited to throw it down!

my favorite bedroom is the one i’ve labeled ‘classic & airy’, above. which is yours?

city chic

modern classy

romantic elegance

eclectic comfy

modern sparkle

crisp cozy


13 thoughts on “defining your decorating style

  1. I’m definitely closest to a Crisp & Comfy sense of style, but while I love lots of white furniture and decor, I prefer more brightly coloured walls. There’s not enough colour going on here for me!

  2. @patience: that bench is awesome, isn’t it? wish i know where to get it or one like it, too. if i see something, i’ll give you a heads up!

    @cara: great choices! doesn’t it make you want to start from scratch?

    @sophie: sounds lovely! can’t wait to see the finished product!

    @muffles: great q! i’ve never seen anything like it before.

    @laura: great idea! what colour is your fave to paint?

  3. i choose…all of them! heehee
    big surprise but i also like classic and airy – that being said NOT a fan of the cowhide rug – reminds me that animals are killed (i enjoy the end use but pretend it doesn’t actually happen)
    also REALLY like crisp & cozy and modern & classy –
    yay design!!
    I’ll have to share with you my place once I finish up in the next few weeks!!!
    great blogging as always!!


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