instagram sparkles

instagram jan 16

can you tell i’m doing what needs to be done to beat the blahs? healthy, fresh food and new lipstick – it’s working!

two fave mac lippys: pink nouveau and creme cup // ava found a sliver of sun to bask in // cat eye glasses and pink nouveau (my bf says i look like a stern magazine editor! boo!) // spending a rainy afternoon eating sushi from akira on denman // steel cut oats and nuts to start the day – makes sticking to healthy eating throughout the day so much easier // a few products from a new makeup tutorial i’ll be posting this week!


11 thoughts on “instagram sparkles

  1. I personally love the pink lippie and glasses combo, so chic! And I’m loving that you’re an oatmeal girl too…it’s been what I eat first thing in the morning for so long. As a runner, you couldn’t ask for anything better, it’s perfect! I haven’t tried akira, is it good?? I need a new sushi joint!

    Alex xoxo

  2. @sara: thank you so much!

    @alex: thx for saying that! when he did, i secretly didn’t mind the comparison, haha. good info re: oatmeal. do you do steel cut? akira is by far the best i’ve had in vancouver! if you check it out, let me know what you think!

  3. Hey Erin!! Fernanda here (cetteferni in Instagram) I love your blog and your youtube videos. Just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I enjoy your posts. Keep the tutorials coming. Personally I would love to see a foundation/cheek video.
    Let me know!! Warm hugs from Miami I’m Vancouver is quite cold this time of year…Ferni

    • hey ferni! thank you for stopping by! i’m so glad you like them. what are you having trouble with regarding foundation/cheeks? blush? if you give me an idea i can tailor a tutorial! lucky you, basking in the sun – enjoy and see you soon. x

      • Hey Erin!!! Sorry for my delayed response. Here are the issues I am having with foundation & concealer. I just don’t know the right way to apply it. I’m in my thirties and this is the first time I have had to use it as my skin has changed so much after having children. I currently use Chanel Teint Fluide Universal. I tend to purchase yellow based foundations because I now have mild rosacea and I want to counteract the red in my skin. I just want it to look natural vs cakey. I tried applying it with a brush and the beauty blender. I like the blender better. if i apply with my fingers it’s a disaster, LOL! Then applying the blush after that, I just don’t want to look overdone. You always look so fresh and the pink blusher you are using makes you look like you are glowing so I was wondering if you could share…..yes?? XOXO Ferni

      • hey ferni, nice to hear from you again! i have a few questions for you:

        do you find the foundation is the correct colour for your skin?
        what is your skin type? are you having an issue with dryness? what is your skin care routine and do you exfoliate?

        why don’t you email me at and we’ll go from there. x


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