brunch at café régalade

cafe regalade pain

restaurant: café régalade
2836 w. 4th ave in kitsilano. closed mondays.
cuisine: french (bistro style)
food: 4/5
service: 3/5
atmosphere: 4/5
value: 4.5/5
overall: 4/5
worth a repeat?: definitely!

i find it curiously difficult to find a noteworthy brunch spot in vancouver. to me, fantastic brunch means casual, satisfying, cozy, plenty of choice and the opportunity to enjoy a great pastry… and of course, fabulous coffee. with the exception of abigails party, and joe fortes patio in the summer, this frequent bruncher usually draws a blank on which restaurant will get my (frequent) business. this is a gem i’ll be introducing to all of my friends!

on the table:
pain au chocolate
lyon breakfast $12.75 (two poached eggs, mushrooms, bacon, pearl onions, spinach, potatoes, and red wine sauce, salad)
paris breakfast $12.50 (two sunny side up eggs, cooked ham, pan fried tomatoes, swiss cheese, potatoes, salad)

cafe regalade lyon vancouver

cafe regalade paris vancouver

  • the coffee here is absolutely delicious. we ordered americanos, and as you can see in the photo above, the crema was thick and luxurious which is the trademark of excellent coffee. i bet their drip coffee is also excellent and will give it a try upon my return.
  • the pain au chocolat were flaky if not a bit doughy and could have used a touch more ‘au chocolat’. that being said, i ate two of them so you be the judge…
  • the brunch is served in a deep cast iron skillet with tremendous attention to detail. i ordered the lyon breakfast and it came with toast soldiers, and three slices of fresh baguette to sop up the rich red wine sauce. i would have liked a bit more depth and seasoning in the sauce, but adding table salt helped.
  • the eggs were perfectly poached and the potatoes tender and tasty. the salad definitely acted as garnish for me. possibly because i ate two pain au chocolat.
  • my girlfriend ordered the paris breakfast and reported it was excellent. she “couldn’t wait to bring her fiancé here!”.
  • the service was not spectacular but not awful. if anything, it just wasn’t fussy. same goes for the decor. it’s lower end bistro/deli style but cozy at the same time. you’d be fine in leggings, a ponytail and a swipe of lipgloss. i was.
  • the little details of this place really tell the story and this attention to detail can also be tasted in the food. from the red and white checkered paper under each food item to the cover on the pat of butter and the special dish for the bill, this spot charms.
    cafe regalade details 1cafe regalade details

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