fashion friday: doing the polka

fashion friday
trench coat: asos // blouse: old navy // skinny jeans: banana republic // bag: zara // shoes: charles david (similar and on SALE!) // bracelet: asos // watch: invicta // nail polish: essie ‘fifth avenue’

there are so many stylish fashion bloggers out there. it’s really fun to browse through their outfit posts and finding something you wouldn’t have thought of doing yourself. while {the sparkle} certainly isn’t strictly a ‘fashion’ blog (as you can tell by the amount of non-outfit posts!), i definitely love fashion.

i used to keep on top of current trends by watching what celebs were wearing (remember magazines?!), but i only rely on my favourite blogs now. it’s interesting seeing ‘real girls’ style their outfits; not to mention the fact that it takes a much greater sense of style to pair a higher prices designer piece with a blouse from, in my case, old navy! a few of my guilty pleasure pure fashion blogs that garner much inspiration are:

atlantic pacific
cheetah is the new black

eat, sleep, wear
sterling style
brooklyn blonde

vancouver faves:
her waise choice

to vogue or bust
a fashion love affair

have a fun, sparkle filled weekend!


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