new year {sparkles}

new year happy

there is something so hopeful about a new year. we get to amend the previous year and ceremonially, we all start from scratch. i won’t bore you with my resolutions (read more, move more, spend less etc. etc.) but i am eager to get started on them!

i love the retrospectives that tv shows and websites put out at the end of the year, and that’s what a few of these {sparkles} are dedicated to – top 10 lists are just fun.

best of luck with your goals for 2012!

best street style of 2011; quirky!

10 best bathroom rehabs of 2011

how to make your lipstick actually stick

10 best room makeovers of 2011

10 favourite nyc restaurants (2012 trip in the works?)

a very unique wedding; a donut cake?!

this dress is getting me very excited for spring



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