fashion friday: back to basics

basic look 10

there’s nothing wrong with keeping things simple. you can’t go wrong with neutrals and classic pieces like a trench, a simple bag, flats, pumps, polka dots or jeans. and of course, never an animal print too far away.

there’s no need to be a victim to every trend out there. you can easily update a basic wardrobe with a few trend accessories each season and make a few looks your signature. i always like to pair simple looks such as these with a red lip and/or nail for a touch of impact.

remember, you’re dressing to make yourself happy!

basic outfit 8

basic look 1

basic look 9

basic look 2

basic look 3

basic look 4

basic look 5basic look 6

basic look 7

do you have the guts to try out an animal print coat? here’s a few tips on how.


6 thoughts on “fashion friday: back to basics

  1. I really like the fotos you have selected, the perfect everday wardrobe in spring and autumn!
    I would wear all the looks even the animal print coat, it gives the look the bit of extra style it needs. Like your blog as well.

  2. Love that you included so much of Christine from Fash n Chips, she is my favourite! I’ve been trying to make more of a return to casual classiness, I find I tend to sit too much on the dressy side sometimes and it’s a good reminder to try to base your wardrobe around basics and classics! Hope you have a great NYE love 🙂

    Alexandra xo

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