a cozy new years eve

cozy new years eve

can i admit, i have never fancied new years eve? the idea of paying a pretty penny to line up at a lounge/bar and ring in the new year with a bunch of strangers hasn’t appealed to me since i was 19. although this year, we planned a last minute trip to seattle for the night, most new years are spent with close friends, drinking a glamorous cocktail, noshing on a few nibbly bites and laughing at ourselves playing cheesy games. preferably in pj’s.

midnight kiss cocktail (vintage cocktail book)

  1. rim the edge of a champagne/wine or cocktail glass with white or gold sugar
  2. pour 3/4 oz. well-chilled vodka into the glass, and fill with champagne
  3. add a splash of cranberry juice for colour and flavour

fried mozzarella balls

beef satay (sub tofu or chicken for beef if you prefer)

avocado and salmon rolls

happy new year, however you choose to celebrate it!



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