vlog: a few of my favourite beauty products

am i the only one who has had a difficult time finding a great foundation? let me introduce you to my fave, along with a few others in my new video.

tips for picking out the perfect foundation colour:

  • try it on: if you are purchasing a foundation at a store that has testers, try the three colours you think will work. spread each in a little line at your jaw to compare. if you cannot test out the colours, make sure you can return a foundation. it’s nearly impossible to pick out a proper match without trying it on.
  • go outside: the only way to see which colour matches properly is to take a mirror outside into natural light and take a look. yes, it will look odd but it’s completely necessary!
  • get a second opinion: ask a friend which one they think matches your skin.

if it’s difficult to pin down your skin tone, eyeballing a few foundation colours to try on will help narrow down if you are cool, neutral or warm and then you can go from there.

happy glowing!


5 thoughts on “vlog: a few of my favourite beauty products

  1. I have super oily skin and have been using Nars Sheer Matte in Punjab for the last year. Love it! Its the only foundation that I can use in the summer and winter months without worrying about my skin becoming too shiny.

  2. Lumiere’s Cashmere silk foundation is my ultimate favorite. It’s medium coverage, but buildable. Gorgeous finish. xo
    lumierecosmetics dot com

  3. @val: that’s awesome to hear! the sheer matte and sheer glow are close to the same formulation but the sheer glow is a little better suited to a normal/combo skin for sure. thanks for the feedback!

    @elizabeth: haven’t heard of it, thanks for the reco!

  4. Am loving the VLOG! Have you vlog’d before? You are so natural! My question is have you/or would you recomend mixing 2 foundation types together? I have girlfriends who swear by it? Pros? vs. Cons?


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