what is bloglovin’ and why should you care?


i first started reading blogs a few years ago and noticed that some of my fave blogs were members of “bloglovin'” . i had no idea what the heck it was. as i discovered, it’s actually a website i couldn’t live without!

i’m always skeptical of websites that i need to create another login and another password for, but gave it a go. i love it.

it rounds up all of your favourite blogs and logs fresh posts in sequential order like a facebook feed. i keep up with all of my favourite blogs by visiting one website instead of bookmarking one by one only to visit and be greeted by an old post.

if you read a few blogs, i totally suggest you follow them on bloglovin’. even if you catch up with the feed over your sunday coffee, it’ll keep you on top of some really great reads. most blogs have a button to connect you with their bloglovin’ account and you can sign up or follow from there.

so… follow me on bloglovin’ and ensure you don’t miss a sparkle!


2 thoughts on “what is bloglovin’ and why should you care?

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