brunch: yew at the four seasons

tuna nicoise
tuna nicoise 4.5/5

restaurant: yew at the four seasons hotel
791 west georgia street
cuisine: pacific
food: 4/5
service: 5/5
atmosphere: 4/5
value: 4/5
overall: 4/5
worth a repeat?: yes. a new favourite.

i have visited yew at the four seasons a few times prior to this past weekend and always had a fondness for it. last time, we used a ‘groupon’ which proved slightly disappointing but i persisted. i am so glad i did. visiting for brunch on sunday was such a treat. as a table of ten, service can suffer, but it was absolutely the opposite. the food was timely (even though the room was packed full) and our coffee was never empty. they have a three course ‘full event brunch’ option which includes a starter ($6-$9), main ($15-$19), and dessert ($8) for $27, so it can be quite a good savings if you order the pricier options in each catagory. it’s difficult to decide what to order which to me is a great sign. excellent spot for a special event brunch or to dazzle out of towners.

* yew follows a farm to table mandate and oceanwise philosophy which is commendable. they also use quite a few organic ingredients.

complimentary sugar donuts 5/5

on the table:
complimentary mini donuts (with a mango puree dip)
calamari $9 (corn flour fried, baby calamari, chili lime aioli)
thai fish cake $9 (lemongrass & coconut dip)
omelet $15 (salt spring goat cheese, herbs, black truffle)
tuna nicoise $19 (seared albacore tuna, green beans, six minute egg, tomato, green olive tapenade, honey mustard dressing)
s’more $8 (coffee marshmallow, almond crumble, chocolate cream

calamari 1/5

thai fishcake 4.5/5

  • the complimentary donuts were so delicious i forgot to take a photo of them until they were half gone. glowbal grill also greets you with donuts and this is such a nice touch.
  • unfortunately, the calamari was a big miss. it wasn’t ‘baby’ (as described) and was very rubbery. the breading was flavourless. i did not finish it. it is difficult to find good calamari in vancouver.
  • the thai fishcake was crisp and packed with flavour. this is a can’t miss dish.
  • you could smell the truffle the moment the omelet was placed at the table. the eggs were fluffy and i had a ‘close the eyes’ moment. amazing.
  • the tuna nicoise salad was a delight. the potatoes perfectly tender, the beans perfectly crisp and the dressing not overpowering. the swipe of tapenade on the side of the bowl was a nice tangy touch. i did have to add some salt to bring out the flavours.
  • while the s’more presentation didn’t wow, the textures and flavours worked with eachother. it was a tad on the sugary sweet side, but i would order it again.
  • i had a bite of a friends fried chicken (organic free-range, watermelon, tomato & corn salad) and was beyond impressed. it was the best chicken i have ever had: tender, juicy, tasty and i will be returning for a plate of this specifically!

omelet 5/5

s’more 3.5/5

yew will be added to my top 10 brunch spots. i would love to return to try a dinner.


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