holiday gift guide for your {everygirl}

holiday gift guide 2011

there should be something at all price points for your {everygirl} in my holiday gift guide. i would suggest you subtly forward this post to your significant other… 

this {everygirl} definitely owns and loves a few of these items! my first pair of louboutins were gifted from my boyfriend last christmas… my face as i unwrapped the box must have been absolutely priceless! although that was a really special gift, i do believe that the cost isn’t what matters – for me it is always the thought behind it… (i had coveted the shoes for years, and he knew it!).

that being said, i will always prefer to give a gift than receive one – making someone happy is one of my very favourite things.

happy shopping!

1. personalized nameplate necklace, $41
2. apple tv, $119
3. christian louboutin pigalle pumps, $595
4. michael kors ipad case, $155
5. customized rubber return address stamp, $19.95
6. bobbi brown gel eyeliner, $21
7. nespresso essenza espresso machine, $249
8. blasted church pinot gris 2010, $264 (case)
9. gwyneth paltrow’s cookbook, $20


4 thoughts on “holiday gift guide for your {everygirl}

    • i haven’t noticed anyone else talking about them – to me they are classic ever since satc! i say go for it!! thanks for stopping by!


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