weekend {sparkles}

coffee sparkles

tonight we are heading out to sanafir for a close friends birthday party. i’m excited to celebrate with her! what do you have planned this weekend? check back on monday for my ‘holiday gift guide for your everygirl’.

thank you so much to everyone who has been reading my new blog. it’s really enjoyable to be able to share some of my favourite things with you! i have a favour to ask: if you like a post, let me know by commenting or hitting one of the ‘love’ buttons at the bottom of each post? that way, i know what you want to see more of.

for perusal over your weekend cup of coffee, a few things from across the web i’m loving:

unique note cards for thank you’s or celebration

my little morkie, ava!

i would love to play dress up in this look

how to flag a cab in NYC without looking like a cheesy tourist *

jacques torres’ secret chocolate chip cookie recipe

perfect for the ‘scooterist’ in your life! (like me!)

nothing is sexier than a confident man

*one of my biggest accomplishments in life is having a tourist in NYC approach me asking for directions (!!!)


4 thoughts on “weekend {sparkles}

  1. Incredible cookie recipe you shared there; that looks like my weekend event right there! IF I recover from the blinding I received when I checked out ‘The Confident Man’ recommendation!


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