what’s for dinner?

beef with broccoli

for last night’s dinner, i chefed* up a recipe for beef with broccoli i found while link skipping across my fave websites; as you can see by the photo above, it looks very yummy and the recipe quite easy.

it was absolutely delish! (and quite healthy, really).

this is a photo of my version:

beef with broccoli

i said ‘my version’ because i tweaked it… recipes are usually just a rough draft of what happens in my kitchen.

  • i substituted red wine vinegar for the sherry because really… who has sherry in their kitchen?
  • i halved the sugar and added agave syrup instead
  • i added sesame oil to the marinade
  • instead of corn starch, i used flour (side note: i couldn’t find corn starch and whole foods because they cannot find a non-gmo source. scary stuff)
  • addition of sriracha to the finishing sauce just had to happen
  • a sprinkle of fresh cilantro (my faaaave herb) as garnish freshened up the flavour and sesame seeds add a pop of texture
  • i used low-sodium soy sauce

it’s is definitely a use-what-you-have-throw-together-perfect-for-a-weeknight meal. it’s also very affordable. i bet you could feed a family of four for under $10 with this one.  you could also add rice for something even more satisfying!

*new word for ‘cooking’? maybe just when i’m trying to be fancy.


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